Praxis Training & IntoWisdom Publishing provide consulting, coaching, publishing and events that guide people and organizations to their next best step toward sustainable growth and performance.
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Your next step toward sustained growth and excellence.

John Losey - Director, Coach, Facilitator (Principal)
John guides people and organizations to their next step in effectiveness. He's been in the consulting world since 1992 and spent almost a decade working as an internal learning and organization development consultant for a large, award winning corporate university. He has led enterprise-wide initiatives involving "Quality Thinking," employee engagement, Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award, emotional intelligence, and coaching. He's currently working on enterprise-wide initiatives on culture, collaboration, and workplace climate.

Specialties: Professional & Organization Development, Talent Development, Competency Modeling, Strategic Planning, Change, Emotional Intelligence, Facilitation, Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, Experiential Methodology, Productive Ideation (Making stuff up that works in the real world), 360/Multi Rater Feedback (Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Competencies)
Priscilla Huh Losey - Head of Operations, Facilitator, Event Planner (Principal)
Priscilla is known for her attention to detail and her attention to people. These talents make her the perfect person to oversee the logistics, finances and overall opperation of Praxis and IntoWisdom.  A talented teacher and facilitator, her gift for organization keeps this organization running effectively and efficiently.

Specialties: Event Planning, Administration and Operations Management, Facilitating, Presenting, Custom Cookies and Cakes, Program and Event Facilitation
We also use our network of independent coaches, consultants, and facilitators to create the best match for your need. 
Praxis consulting and coaching guides clients to greater clarity and empowers them to take their next best step toward growth and excellence. Praxis events are interactive and engaging. Designed using proven content and methods, participants gain powerful, real-world skills that can be applied immediately.

Working in conjunction with IntoWisdom and Events a la Mode, Praxis services people and organizations by providing powerful consulting, effective coaching, relevant professional development materials and engaging events. 
IntoWisdom cultivates authors from the ranks for the best consultants, coaches and professional development organizations. Our desire is to help these thought leaders create and distribute effective resources with the greatest benefit going to the creator. 

Working in conjunction with Praxis Training and Events a la Mode, IntoWisdom services people and organizations by providing powerful consulting, effective coaching, relevant professional development materials and engaging events.