We Walk Next To You
Praxis Coaches consider the whole person. We become thought partners that help you explore and clarify the issues you face. By clearly defining success you will rewire your brain to reach that outcome. We walk with you as thought partners that you use to refine your goals, explore, and assess options and hold you accountable to the commitments you make to grow.    

Partner with Praxis Coaches to improve your performance and satisfaction in your personal and professional life.  

FACT-Based Coaching

Coaching isn't about directing, manipulating, or fixing people. It's about building the capacity for a performer to function at a higher level. FACT-Based Coaching offers clients a model where they become a thought partner with their coach. Praxis only uses Master Coaches in the FACT-Based system so you are assured your coach has the experience and skills to work with you as you build clarity, competencies and confidence.  
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For more information please complete the form below with any information about the type of coaching you seek. We will reply within 5 business days to set up a free framing call. FRAMING IS ALWAYS FREE. We have several individual pricing structures that will fit your need. Organizations can ask for group rates or retainer agreements.  
We promise to work with you to provide quality services at reasonable rates. 

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